(Sistem Pengurusan Aset dan Inventori)

Sistem Pengurusan Aset dan Inventori is a system that been developed specially for controlling and managing asset and inventory according to Pekeliling Perbendaharaan Bil 5 Aset Alih Kerajaan 2007 / Bil 2 Tahun 1991 which been issued by Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia. This system is implemented with barcode reader and thermal printer.

Process involved in e-Peralatan are :

1 Daftar Harta Modal (Aset) (KEW PA2/PA4/PA6/PA7/PA8/PA9/PA10/PA12/PA13/PA14)

2 Daftar Inventori (KEW PA3/PA5/PA6/PA7/PA8/PA9/PA11/PA12)

3 Daftar Stok Bekalan Pejabat (J3)/Lampiran S /Buku Transaksi

4 Daftar Kehilangan dan Hapuskira (KEW PA28-32)

5 Daftar Pelupusan (KEW PA15-22) 

Modules in e-Peralatan are :

1 Modul Keselamatan

2 Modul Aset/Harta Modal

3 Modul Inventori

4 Modul Stok Bekalan Pejabat

5 Modul Kehilangan

6 Modul Penetapan Sistem

Benefit of e-Peralatan :

  • Registration of harta modal, inventori, stok bekalan pejabat, Kehilangan & Hapuskira, and pelupusan can be developed without ignoring policies, regulations and procedures of the current work of the existing;
  • e-Peralatan system follow a workflow according to each jabatan or kementerian and can be customize also according to it.
  • It allows user to monitor pelupusan processes on harta modal and inventories.
  • High security system where all processes involved are kept in log file. System  administrator can monitor and check the latest file log.
  • Easy storage and organization of records which more systematically.
  • Data and information losses won't be happening; moreover it will always completed especially according to maintenance cost, place and amount of assets owned; and easy to accessed.
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